Photo of the Week

Sorry I've not really been around on the blogging front this week. I've just had lots of recreation days with the Hubby and boys. Chris has been off a lot just recently so we've been enjoying that time together before the norm sets in.. It does make it feel really odd when he's in for a whole day as it's like you suddenly forget how to look after two young ones alone! Haha!
I've also not really had much to say so, I've been quiet on that front too.. I don't want to make up posts just for the hell of it!
So what have we been doing? Erm, nursery runs, house chores, flicking through the Next, Spring 2015 Catalogue (can you please just send it all free of charge, Next? Ta!), dealing with Tantrums - we've suddenly gone through the "it's MY TOY, NOT NOAH'S!" *Noah bursts into tears as the said item has been snatched away* problems, we've watched Broadchurch, Silent Witness.. been to Norwich for a little day out, that was lovely and it's also the first completed week on Slimming World tomorrow! Eeek! Excited to see how I do on the scales in the morning..
But all in all, it's been a plain normal week :)
Honestly, how grown up does he look here?! My heart breaks knowing he turns 9 MONTHS tomorrow. It's amazing how quick it's gone, but what's more amazing is all the things he's doing these days. As you can see he's able to drink out of his tippy cup *cry* and it really smacks how soon he will be 1 and crawling!