Photo of the Week

This week has been slow. It's been cold and pretty miserable weather-wise.
We've really not done much as a family, apart from enjoy having Chris home a lot this week. His work is pretty dead at the moment so he's been having lots of evenings off - as nice as it is to have him around.. we do have that thought of "erm, money shall be extremely tight this month!"

Freddie's been to Nursery everyday and I've been.. joining the world of Slimming World - I don't want to go into too much detail as I have a post live tomorrow explaining it all, but I joined up on Wednesday, I have the books and I'm really enjoying myself on it! :)
I've also been getting back into watching some telly again, Silent Witness and Broadchurch, woooo are back on; so I've been enjoying some evenings out, just doing nothing, which feels pretty amazing! I've forgotten what it feels like haha. Oh and I'm extremely hooked on Lie to Me :D

It seems there's never no photo's of Freddie anymore, but the reality is, that he just won't let me take photo's of him anymore.. 
So I'm sticking to someone who will ;) this little guy has started to suck on his thumb - cute! *squee*