Photo of the Week

So, Christmas has been and gone. 
It's been over a week since the big day and we've made a start into the New Year!
Wow. I never expect time to go that fast. 

This week has been full of the Christmas (continuous) joy, meeting with family and eating too much. From this very second it's time to get on the bandwagon and kick off these last 2 stone! 
My boys have also been very unwell these last few days and we've had a rough few nights with Noah once again. Poor lad just gets so he doesn't know what to do.. last night was a nightmare. I felt so upset for him because he was just exhausted, but you could clearly see he was in pain. It was a really hard time! :(
Today we took down our Christmas decorations. Our lounge feels enormous and I've moved things around.. displayed my pretty plates on my dresser (shall show you soon!) and my pretty jars full of nuts on the shelves. I'm wanting to focus and save up for our home this year :)

It's now time to get back to normality.. the Nursery run is in the morning *oww*

I love these photo's. Despite the terrible quality of these images due to my phone (I can upgrade in April WOO!), they're so cute and are quite frankly hilarious!
Chris stripped N before the bath had fully been run and tested so to prevent any spraying, Chris popped N on the toilet after Freddie had a quick wee. Noah loved the attention he received from us all giggling!
I think we should get him started early.... ;)