Our Month in Photos - December

Oh December how you've whizzed past. 
There simply was no stopping last month as there was so much festivity and ideas floating around. 
It's the month when the Micheal Bublé album suddenly appears and when the Baileys gets you coming out to play. It's when it feels like all you talk about is Reindeers, Santa and what jobs the Elves have to little children, or how much money you've spent on Christmas already but still have so much more to get!

We've really had a cracking month. I think it's been my favourite out of all the other months, we've had many special events this year but December truly tops the lot (although I can't say it tops having Noah with us..). We had been so spoilt and extremely lucky to have seen and experienced the things we did last month, I couldn't be happier.
We met Santa at Thursford, been to the Christmas Spectacular at Thursford, had a festive day at home, we wrote letters to Santa and even got our reply! We brought some personalised sacks for the boys, had the Nursery Christmas party, visited Lincoln Christmas Market, put our Christmas decorations up and brought some new ones, we had a film day, had a little gathering around our house with my Mum and Sister and we've had a lovely Christmas. 
It's been a rather special month.
Especially as Noah can now clearly go 'mum mum', has been sitting up unaided in the bath and on the lounge floor. I'm so proud of him, I knew everything would start happening at once because he just seems like that type of kid :) Come hit us January.. and wow, 2015!
Picture 1 - The night my Grandparents, Mum, Me and my Sister went to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular. I think it may be the first photo I have of us three together - well certainly for a long time. I really like it (even though my sister is a pain for having a photo with!).

Picture 2 - The Gingerbread ladies! As much as my sister doesn't like taking photo's (maybe it's just with me?) she is pretty good at making cookies! She was going to make a Gingerbread house from scratch but ended up running out of time so made some biscuits instead.. they were delicious and she brought them to our little gathering. I chose the Hula lady! 

Picture 3 - My little Noah. On 30th December this little guy started chanting away 'mum mum' as he was grabbing his tablet to play. Gosh I love this little guy. I've got so that I document the milestone with a picture of whatever he's doing at the time.
So at 36 weeks & 3 days, he brought a bit of a tear to my eye.. now to say it to my face!

Picture 4 - By far my favourite picture of me and Noah. Freddie wouldn't have a photo with us so we ended up having it alone. I love it so much.

Picture 5 - Christmas Eve we popped our Frozen cherry. Oh, and I'm so glad that we did! I loved it! I was kicking myself for not getting into it sooner.. but I've always been one of the last to join a trend, I'm just not cool enough!
FYI, Olaf is my spirit animal.

Picture 6 - I finally made the Gingerbread house that I have wanted for what feels like all my life! We got there finally and it was so worth the wait. It was a very enjoyable activity and doesn't 32 Gingerbread house look adorable? I just love the lights around the roof. Cute :)

Picture 7 - Christmas morning bath. We popped the boys in quickly before we got ready to leave for Christmas dinner, it was the first time we let Noah sit up without us holding onto him (mainly to do with the fear of him falling into the water) but he's so strong now and he held his own amazingly!  He just loves splashing and coating the bathroom wet. Very wet.
Our baby is growing up..