Noah: Meeting Milestones

My littlest guy has been growing leaps and bounds this last week. It's like he's exploded developmental wise. 

On New Years Day my Nan was sitting with him on the sofa (before they fell asleep together - cute!), she was talking to him and going 'can you say 'mum mum mum'?' he kept smiling and giggling as she went through Dad, Freddie.. and all of a sudden he started going 'mum mum mum m mum muu' it's such a proud moment because he's been saying my name here and there but to keep repeating it was pretty special.
He suddenly started saying 'dad dad dad' which is the first time he's ever said it. My eyes literally welled up because it was incredibly adorable listening to his little voice coming out with more than squeals, humming, raspberry blowing and groans. I could also tell that Chris was really excited to hear him say it - but he has failed to since (he's continued with mum though, WOO!).

A little while later he started coming out with 'Laura' (my younger sisters name). I was quite surprised with this as I'd imagine Laura would be a difficult name to pronounce. He managed it and has said it a few times since - well done Noey!

He's been getting so much confidence in himself over this last week and has got so he wants to sit up alone rather than rested against something and he loves to pick food up and try and chew. Playing with toys has become a big thing of late, he's very interested in everything; but mostly when Freddie plays alongside him - he got very grumpy earlier as Freddie got some building blocks out and he was on my lap. As soon as I let him to the ground he went straight for the blocks and calmed down! Freddie is loving this though, he now has a play buddy! (not saying it always goes very smoothly..)