New Years Day

New Years Day is a day when the family get together.. once again.
Usually over the Christmas period we all host a little do at our houses for the family to visit. It's a way of spending quality time over that few days before everyone ends up back at work, school and uni. My mum hosted on Boxing day, we hosted on 29th (but only mum and sister ended up coming as everyone came down ill on them dates - eek!) and my grandparents usually host on New Years Day.

Sadly my grandparents aren't feeling too well at the moment, so we decided to all club together and help. We've always had a roast dinner at theirs NYD at the 'Christmas table' - yup that's what they call their big dining table in the front room. No one tends to sit around it most of the year, but come Christmas - we're all squeezing round.
My mum, sister and I went up earlier to make a start on the lunch before the others had arrived.
Making lunch for 11 seems like nothing when you have young children.. It was almost a breeze!

The food was delicious and we had pudding of cheesecake, oh and me and my sister took apart that enormous Ferrero Rocher on my nans dresser (with permission of course!).
It was possibly heaven.
Like literally, wow.
We both totally agreed that we didn't care how many calories was in that thing because it was too perfect.

After that we tidied up the table and watched the Hootenanny that we all missed the night before, picking at the Quality Street tin. It was like Christmas again! (Although, I think we all ate more chocolate NYD than at Christmas).

This year I came up with a new suggestion for something to do after dinner. I brought some little bits of paper and a little jar. The idea was to write something (or as many things as you wanted) on one of these pieces of paper and put in the jar. At the end of the night I put the lid back on and brought it home.
I haven't opened it and I don't intend to. It's each persons personal goal that they want to complete over this year. NYD next year I shall bring the jar and see what goal/goals we all managed to do!
It's all for fun and I'm intrigued to see if I can complete mine! :)