Just another month

As much as I complain about the weather in January, it's a month that I love. It's the month where I do most of my reflecting as it holds a big place in my heart.
January is when Chris and I started dating - 5 years ago now!
It's also the month where I get to spend so much time with him.
His work is always slow in January meaning that nearly every week he's working what they'd call "part-time". He's a chef in a hotel you see so, business is practically dead after New Year.

Every year we dread January as much as we can't wait for it - he's currently working only 20/25 hours a week compared to his usual 40/45. We do have that concern over our finances, we worry we won't have enough to meet payments etc but somehow that concern, compared to being able to spend my evenings with him, chatting, playing on the laptop, watching a film, or the days that he can spend some serious time with the boys, playing for hours, is priceless.
I don't sit and think of the money when we're doing things together. It completely out weighs it. We cook more together because we have the time to do recipes from scratch. We equally share the chores so that we can have our evening spare. We have the time to be able to have a conversation without little voices interrupting.
We just have time to be alone.

So January, you're actually both a blessing and curse; but we'll take the blessing.