Getting somewhere?

I never lie when it comes to Freddie. I never pretend he's an angel child, because lets face it.. it'd be a MASSIVE lie. He's 3 years old, he's mostly a pain in the backside. Sometimes in an amusing type way and often in the not so.

We often argue because neither of us will let it down (or let it go if we're going to be all Frozen ;)) and I think it was another Blogging Mum (sorry, I can't remember who but if it was you - take all the credit 'cos you hit the nail on the head!!) "you've never argued, until you've argued with a toddler".
It's SO true.
They're incredibly stubborn and sometimes it doesn't feel they will ever let up - unless you completely change the subject - then maybe, but then it's completely avoided the other thing you wanted them to get on with. And, yes, it is actually a hard life! ;P

I found the above picture on Facebook the other day and it simply made my day. So many days do I run into these issue, and most of the time it's hilarious. Freddie is hilarious, he makes me laugh so much when he comes out with his little sayings. Things like
"Nipples are like roundabouts aren't they? They go round like a circle"
 "I'm just not good enough, I'm not strong like the hulk anymore"
 "Our baby Noah's a good baby, I think we got him from the baby shop where you can buy Noah's" I honestly have no idea where we got him from.. ;)

Freddie for the longest time has been such a fussy eater. To the point where he'd only eat a set few items; we always wondered why because we as a family don't have any issue (hell, it's clear to see we don't!) and well, nothing seemed to work to get him to try other things - it was such hard work to talk to him about it. So we took it down as a phase, but it carried on for 2 years.. It felt like an issue that, we, as parents couldn't solve, he was going to need to go to the Drs and see if we could get any advice. He wasn't ever bothered about food, he still isn't massively. He lost some weight, but he's so energetic so it was clear how he was burning calories. He's always been skinny, Chris was when he was little, so we just carried on trying.. testing, experimenting.. nothing had worked.

Until the other day.
He kicked up a fuss because we asked him to sit at the dining table and try some food (saying he didn't want to eat as he wasn't hungry) - same old thing!
He ate some after we started eating and talking. He ate curry for the first time in over a year.
It was such a big moment, especially when he said it was nice! Like where did that come from..? It was like he just let the barrier down, shut away whatever voice he had in his head telling him he doesn't like it; and ate some.
It was honestly so hard to act normal over it and casually ask him if it was tasty etc. He ate it all.
I felt some relief. Worry from my shoulders vanished, just a little, tiny bit.
I do worry about him, I worry he will make himself ill by refusing food and being so picky. But it now feels like we've turned a corner.

The following night we had pizza, salad, sweetcorn and sweet potato chips. I put a little bit of everything on his plate (we always have done - I can't even tell you the amount of encouragement we've given) and he ate  a slice of pizza. He actually ate it, again with fuss before eating.. but once we got there, he was completely open to it.. Who has taken our son?
He also ate 3 bits of sweetcorn. It doesn't sound like a lot to anyone else, but to us, it felt like he ate a feast!
The following day he looked in the fridge and asked for a strawberry. A strawberry.
He only ate a mouthful of it, but it was a mouthful. (Hallelujah!)

Once he had eaten he asked to go for a #2 which amazed me once again!
I just felt so happy.
It was a moment where it felt like we had started getting somewhere; that all the work we've done has paid of in the smallest (or pretty large to us) ways.
It's honestly the littlest of things that make your whole week!!

I just really hope this is the turning point, that things get better for him. I just want him to be the healthiest he can be. I want him full of them nutrients he needs. I just hope this phase is behind him and us.
I couldn't tell you what made it change, why he decided to give it a go, but he did and for that I'm proud. I know many people will think, whatever they think about it, but I'm just glad he's moved on :)
It could be that Noah eats with us so there's some sibling competition or that he's bored of eating the same things, or he's got over whatever fear he had? (we thought it might be because he was worried about going to the toilet - but I'm told that's extremely common in young boys).
The future can only look brighter :D

Do you have any advice to help along with a Fussy Eater?