Freddie's Art Gallery: A/W Term '14

I'm so proud of my little guy. He's growing up to be a very cheeky and chatty chappy. A genuine delight to have in my life and whilst yes, the loud talking first thing in the morning is a little *ouch* on my head or the stroppy threenager moments can be a little annoying. I can never fault him for character and charisma. 
He's doing so well at Nursery and I can see him learning from attending every day. (I really should make a video of him one day!)

I created this post (which will likely turn into a forever series) to show the drawings he comes home with from Nursery. Like many parents will notice and agree - there's quite a bit! 
Now don't get me wrong, I love looking at his pictures and asking him what they are (he still draws in the scribbly way rather than actual pictures yet - thinking this is a boy thing?), but the stack soon adds up and I simply don't have the room to store all of his images in the house. I wish I could but it's impossible as he hasn't even started school yet!
I remember the end of school year stack of 'Art' we used to bring home.. My mother would always wonder what to do with it (she ended up binning it at the end of each Summer!). She was a mother of four, so that was a lot of folders!

So before I get to that, I want to be able to keep his Art without keeping it (I keep the special pieces that I don't have the heart to throw out!) and these posts are a way of keeping them documented, without the pieces of paper piling up.. Genius idea yes? I thought of it myself *haha*
I call this.. Freddie's Art Gallery! His Autumn/Winter Term pictures.
This is also including Freddie's Narrating on each photo.

"Orange and Leaves"

"This is a picture of girl people"

"Sunflowers - Green, Blue and Yellow and I had some brown with it"

"Seesaw Carrier" - Don't ask, I had to ask about 6 times to make sure I heard it right..

"A Dinosaur Doggy called Funny"

"A picture of my Rocket I made"

"Foo Foo"

(Apparently he doesn't really like doing painting and drawing.. :( )