Brothers: nearly a year on

Oh my boys. 
Some days living with you is so stressful and hard. You're a handful as you're both stubborn and determined; it honestly makes the simplest things hard work. You both love playing with your toys and you love the idea of playing together, but sometimes it ends up in a war between you both resulting in tears and screaming.
I've learnt to laugh and remember these moments. 
Even when it annoys me and I have to tell you both to behave. These are the moments I'll remind you about when you're bickering as teenagers.
But you love each other unconditionally. Completely and absolutely.

There's so much love between you both.
You only have to look at each other, smile and then you start laughing. If one of you scream playfully the other has to join in. Noah, you stare at Freddie's every move and Freddie you definitely play on this by dancing around and being the entertainer. You're so cute together, I know I'm biased to that, but it's true ;)
Daddy and I very often stand in the kitchen doorway doing the silent "aww's" whilst screwing our faces up. 
I love watching the bond between you grow, I love that you both get hysterical in the bath splashing away at each other. I don't care that the bathroom is soaking wet (too much!) as I love hearing you both giggling away. I love how you both mimic each others movements like tapping each others head - pulling each others hair which always ends up in a bit of a grump. I love how you, Noah flash your eyes wide open when Freddie's kicking off in a tantrum in disbelieve and confusion.
You're currently going through the stage of not wanting to share. Moreso Freddie than Noah. You, Freddie will snatch things off Noah claiming that they're yours and not his, that he can't play with them, even though you often play with his when he's sleeping. Sometimes you, Noah will let it slide and you'll look up like "but..?" and pick something else up, or you'll scream so loud that sometimes I've seen Freddie quickly hand things back to you before someone comes questioning. You're both so funny.
Freddie, you often shout out "Noah, I'm trying to go to sleep!!" when he's unsettled before bedtime. I can't help but laugh, because it just sounds like a scene in the future. 
It makes me excited to see how things develop as you get older.. Will you grow closer and become a terrible twosome? Or will you clash because you have many similarities? Wherever it lead, you're still brothers.