What's made its way onto the tree?

My decorations simply have to battle it out every year as to whether they're going on the tree or not. As Simon Cowell would say "This is your time to impress me" and if it doesn't, sorry mate.. you're stuck in the box another year.
And well actually this year every single bauble could make its way onto the tree simply because the theme is Multicoloured. Everything goes, but I've discovered that there's many that have become scratched or looking faded (we have many passed down ones). I do love to put some of them on as it brings character and I find it just makes you appreciate the people who have kindly given you these decorations (they after all have had them on their tree for many years); especially when gifted at a time when you couldn't afford to get many of your own. It keeps you grounded and reminds you about what Christmas is really about.

Our tree was also given to us by my Mum.
Last year I started to make my collection. I wanted to start making some 'vintage' numbers of my own, so when I can start passing some of my little bits down to my children, I've got some little gems that I can hand over with love. And whilst they will probably turn their nose up because it really isn't that cool to have colourful or fun items anymore, I want them to appreciate them as much as I do, mine.
So what's made it through the auditions this year? ;)

This was made by Freddie last Christmas at Nursery.
These were given to me by my Nan. I love them so much. They're slightly scratched in areas but they're so beautiful and they also are hollow inside - I'm looking to add some chocs in there for the boys for Christmas Eve.
These were also gifted to me by my mum. I think every year we've put these on the tree, they're so pretty and seem to go with every theme. 
These nested wreaths are what I brought last year. I adore them so much. I got 3 for £16 - pricey I know, but they are totally worth every penny. They'll last a lifetime!
There are also some random ones that have slowly been added as time has gone on.. I keep buying new bits and popping them on as they come! hehe!