What Santas' bringing the boys for Christmas..

This year we've gotten ready for Christmas pretty early. We've been saving up since after the Summer; I know it seems ridiculously early to plan for Christmas but last year we had to plan everything for Noah. Meaning we didn't get to spend much on people come Christmas :( It's all the thought that counts, but we all like to give people nice gifts; and this year we're able to.

I've not gone crazy on the boys this year because I know so many people will buy presents for them (grandparents go crazy!) and buying for 12 people is starting to get pretty expensive..

They've got a handful of presents each to open up on the morning and as we're off out for Christmas they'll probably come back with many more that need to find a home.. (I think we best sort the toy boxes out before the day!)
Take a look at what Santa *cough* us *cough* are going to be placing under the tree come Christmas Eve :)

1.Light and Sound Drum
2. ToyBox Bobby Bot
3. Shake Shake Teether 
4. Mothercare Musical Car Keys

1. Power Rangers Super Megaforce Deluxe Legendary Megazord
2. Power Rangers Super Megaforce Green Ranger Mask
3. Thomas Story Time Gift Box
4. Octonauts Figure & Creature Pack Peso
5. Octonauts Figure & Creature Pack Kwazii & the Vampire Squid

I found it much harder to shop for Noah because of his age - what do you get a will-be-then 8 month old? So I just went for things that I know he'll enjoy and play with as he grows into his birthday. Plus he always likes to play with Freddie's toys that he doesn't fuss about anymore (but suddenly does as soon as Noah touches them!). It's definitely one thing that's difficult, not buying replicas of things we already have.
I'm excited to see Freddie's reaction to the Megazord because he's wanted one for a couple of months now and he talks about it a lot, bless him! I know Christmas morning is going to be pretty special in this household this year.
Really looking forward to wrapping these up with the Husband soon! :)

What are you getting your family this Christmas?