Photo of the Week

I'm a little late uploading last weeks photo - sorry!
We've had a busy week what with Freddies' Nursery Christmas Party (post coming soon!), finishing our Christmas shopping and wrapping many presents. I've also had a busy week socialising, (it probably is going to show badly on the scales!) but catching up with friends doesn't happen very often, so the scales can wait until after Christmas..

Our Noah has started improving on his 'swimming' techniques (trying to crawl) and is now rocking back and forth onto his knees - I don't think it's going to be long! Go N!

Chris took this picture the other day of Freddie. He was drawing and colouring with his new pencils he got in his bag of presents and cards from Nursery (yep, they're mega cute!).
We just thought this was a genius way of holding the pencils - can you believe that none actually fell out as he was scribbling away frantically?! He was very impressed with his new way; there was nothing to do apart from take a photo and share with the world..