Photo of the Week

How has another week gone by already?
It's flown by and I just feel so far behind with everything I want to complete. I have a mountain of posts to write and crafts I'd like to do with the boys - it'll all get done.. one day!
I'm writing this in the comfort of my own bed. Yup, I've resorted to blogging in my bedroom. I just feel relaxed and well it's so comfy! I leave the laptop by the bed and when the boys go to sleep I find it easier to stay up here, snuggle and get some things done. It's only started this week, but I'm going to keep it going because I'm lovin' it!
At the moment my excuse is that they're at Nanny's and I believe they will probably come through the door at any moment - but I'm just enjoying some quiet before the rabble arrives (because I know I will not be able to slope off at all!)

This week has been busy. I've had two ill boys that have not let up all week; some days have been better health wise than others, but having two of them like it, makes it harder. We've had coughs, colds, headache, Freddie moaning he ache and lots of sick.. pretty much everywhere. I can still smell the slight stale smell of vomit every time I walk into the boys room - yuk!
I've started month 3 of my HS medication (not improved all that much so far, only my face), Freddie had his Christmas Jumper Party at Nursery (I've somehow have to make a Christmas themed costume for next Friday - help!) and I went out with the older sis last night for pizza!
Highs and Lows ;)

This was taken last night after copious amounts of pizza and cookie dough (it was soo good though!).
We went on the look out for some boots for Els and even though we didn't find any, we did find some hats to try on.. Even a snood - I think I need one of these in my life - SO WARM.
We did have a lot of laughs as we tried on different styles.. Personally I quite fancy a snood with a Christmas Pudding hat.. I got told No.
I do love a good giggle with this lady!