Photo of the Week

This week has been so busy.. and a little stressful.
I'm one for being terrible for having lists. And nope, not written lists, that mental one.. the one that drives you crazy and you just don't know how or when to just stop! It's horrible and I just get obsessed with completing it and sometimes you can't.
Also it's hard to focus when you're unbelievably tired (yup, N's still continuing the late night drama) so I've found it hard to complete things without getting interrupted which doesn't help when you've got a lot to do. Especially as I leave most things to when they've gone to bed.. but lately I've been popping them on the back burner or juggling it until I can do it.
But being Mum comes first so everything will get completed when I can get round to it.

This week we've put up the Christmas Tree, made a start on our Advent Calendars (N still doesn't know what he thinks to chocolate - erm, how?), went to the Lincoln Christmas Market and today we headed off to Thursford to see Father Christmas with the boys (I will tell all in a post!). Oh and Noah has some teeth coming in, one next to his first one and a few round the left (bottom) - this all explains the grumpiness we've had lately!
 So a very eventful week.

Another thing this week, we've all been a bit ill. We're all coughing our guts up and have a bungy nose - it really isn't a pretty sight. N has been completely off his food lately (due to teething) and has been fairly grumpy. But he's been giggly at times and super cuddly. We're just in need of having calpol currently - dealing with a cough, cold and temperature - I can't blame him!

I adore this photo of my N. He looks so peaceful and cosy. I took it after getting back from the Nursery run; he fell asleep before getting home which he never does, especially if he hasn't breakfast. but he needs his sleep to get better - lets hope his body clock get back into routine!