Personalised Christmas Sacks

It really feels this year we've gone all out for Christmas; it's definitely due to me being in the festive spirit! I've really spoilt my boys.. and is it weird to say myself?
I was so excited when I heard that thud after they came through the letterbox!

I love these Santa sacks. I know that you can buy many styles and materials, but I instantly fell in love with the 'old fashioned' look. I love the design, layout and printing technique.. They're gorgeous. They feel so rustic and I know these will last a lifetime (I joke with my parents about popping over to the boys' on Christmas day when they're older and bringing them presents in these little personalised sacks!). 
I love the idea of setting them by the tree for them on Christmas Eve and showing Freddie - primarily at the moment - that Santa has really been and dropped off these presents for him. I think with all the Santa love he's had recently, he'll hold him forever in his heart.. Well, until he realises there isn't a Triceratops car in the sack (take a peek at what really is going in the sack here)

They weren't particularly cheap at £19.99 each, but I did find a code to get £5 off the order so that helped a tiny bit.. and like I say they'll last a long time and they are of very decent quality :) and they came in a week - definitely can't complain!

I love that both sacks came with their own ribbon - it's so cute!