Our letter replies from Santa!

Thursday morning the postman brought lots of lovely little parcels (and a couple of almost-forgotten-we'd-written-these-letters.. letters). 
Sadly Freddie was at Nursery at the time the postman popped round but I however was very excited and opened Noah's with him, he just grinned at me same as usual and tried to grab the letter.

Freddie however was extremely happy to hear there was a letter for him. I read it out to him and as soon as I said "Santa" he gasped saying "Santa wrote to me?!". It honestly made his day (alongside his Thomas Christmas Card from Gemma - thank you!!) and he couldn't wait to show Daddy his letter.

I love little things like these as they'll forever be kept as little keepsakes (probably by me for a very long time!) and it also adds that extra little bit of festive joy for him. With less than a week to go.. I have to say it arrived at the perfect time.

I honestly think it's such a lovely touch when places do these types of things for free. To be able to provide such a lovely service for young children, is remarkable. This year we sent ours off with The Entertainer as we heard they send out nice letters and I'm glad we did :)

You can read our letters that we sent to Santa here.