Our Festive Day

On the 22nd December we had a festive day.
It was Chris's last day off before the festivities began. It was our last chance to do them Christmas crafts and have a full day of family activities, and boy, didn't we have a day!

It was such a lovely day as we knew it was going to be just us 4. I love it when we have time away from the TV, laptops etc for a while, just so that we can enjoy each others company.
I've been wanting to make Traditions this year as Freddie is at the right age to start embracing the excitement.
A couple of weeks ago I brought a couple of blank wooden decorations and I had the idea to paint them and get them to paint them every year - decorate it as they pleased so that it could go on the tree (they would also fit lovely with our theme too!) Not mentioning the fact that I quite liked the idea of a thumb print being on one side.. it's purely for sentimental reasons as to gush over their perfect prints as they get older.

Look down later to see how they ended up..

Can you guess who's who's?

After painting one side of the decorations we stopped and had lunch whilst we waited for it to dry so that we could paint on the other side. Completing the decorations we proceeding onto making a gingerbread house!
I was so excited to do this activity as I have been wanting to build one for years.. its quite funny really because every year since me and Chris have been together, sometime around November I have said "I'm going to build a gingerbread house this year" but never manage to.. but this year, I was determined!

I was gutted that we had to wait 30 minutes before we could decorate our house, but it was 30 minutes we had spare to make a start on something new - baking some more cookies!! Using the same recipe as last time we made some more. This time they were a bit smaller and instead of orange and nutmeg we used cranberries and chocolate - yummy!

It was so much fun decorating the house.. I loved it! The boys loved it and it was a real team effort. Admittedly I did most of it (the icing mostly whilst boys stuck on the sweets) and it was actually quite difficult to get it very neat; basically the person who did it on the front of the box comes from the bake off.. But we had an afternoon of fun doing it, so it was worth it for that reason alone. I think it actually looked really pretty!
I just had to put our door number on the front door as it was ours. Our little gingerbread house. 32 gingerbread house. I love the little sweets around the roof and window sills, as it made them look like little lights.. very fitting seeing as we've got lights around our front window

Of course we had to have a family photo together after decorating our little house in gingerbread form! (Noah always seems to stare at me whilst we do these photo's - probably due to me doing self-timer and then running round to get in the picture! What ARE you doing Mum?!)
Our cookies got slightly forgotten about amongst the fun of decorating so they started browning.. but to be honest they actually tasted really delicious and a bit crunchy on the outside! (I love a crunchy biscuit me!) and I was very happy with the boys decorations, they look so cute and I can't wait to get them out next year, because lets face it, i'll have forgotten about making them until they come out of the box..

I thoroughly enjoyed our festive day. It was a perfect day spent with my little crew, we definitely should have more days like this :) (we gave Santa 2 of our cookies on Christmas Eve)