Nursery's Christmas Party

Last week it was the end of a very long term.
It was time to break off from routine and get stupidly excited for Christmas that's arriving in a matter of days! We got sent a letter a week before asking all children to attend the Christmas party and dress up according to the theme "Christmas".

Originally I was going to make a costume for him to wear. He kept flipping his mind from Snowman to Reindeer (he started with wanting to be a reindeer) - we ended up going with something he never mentioned, but we knew he'd love! An Elf.

I was going to make a snowman costume with one of Chris's white shirts, make a orange nose and black buttons to attach to the shirt - accessorizing with a scarf and hat - but I didn't have a suitable hat or scarf to complete the look and well, there was going to have to be a lot of alterations to Chris's shirt to make it fit well enough..
I could've easily given it a go and be a 'Pinterest mum' but something my Mum mentioned made me think twice. "Is it really worth going to all that bother of doing so much work for something he will only wear for 3 hours?" It is true, it would be a lot of effort, not that it wouldn't be worth it, but it is only for a couple of hours.. and would anyone else's parents make so much effort?

(Nope, and they didn't. Some of them attended with ordinary clothes or with a Christmas jumper (you'd think people would put a little more effort in wouldn't you? Especially as it was Christmas jumper day the week before!!) Personally I'd've felt embarrassed to have sent Freddie in normal clothes to a Christmas themed party..)

I collaborated a little outfit for my little guy using £10 Hat was from Claire's Accessories for £5 - He LOVES the bell on the end - jingle jingle! I got the t-shirt from Primark for £5 also (it is a womens size 8).

I used the belt to turn the outfit into a tunic, his green jeans and a red t-shirt underneath as the tunic was a little too big around his neck - I think he looked super cool and he loved the attention he got from his teachers!

Coming back from the Party he was so excited and told me all about the games they played and the food they ate.
Emptying the massive bag he got from Nursery all over the bed (was filled with Christmas cards and presents from the staff - also lots of glitter.. yay :|)

It was so lovely seeing all the things that they brought and the Christmas Card that he made for us. There was many chocolate coins, a calendar that he had made, books and activities. Oh, and a balloon!