Noah @ 33 weeks and 5 days

Oh my sweet, sweet small boy. You're still lighting up our world with your beautiful smile. I really should write more often - especially at this time because you're meeting your milestones and developing in so many ways.

You've been pretty grumpy these last few days as you've been really ill. Your poor little face look so fed up with it and you simply don't know how to deal with teething, a bad cold, cough and high temperature all at once. It makes Mummy sad to see you cry, especially as there isn't much that we can do to make it go away - but you are fairly content with cuddles walking around. I hope you get better soon and that you can be giggly again :)

Freddie is your favourite thing in the world; you stare at him grinning constantly as he sings, jumps around and chats non stop. You never know what he's doing from one minute to the next but you want to be running around after him. You can clap now and do it all the time. You also try and say Mum but it is currently coming out as "mmmmmmm" - we know that's what you're trying to say as you pull forward to get me to pick you up. You're going to be crawling soon. You're currently doing the swimming motions and the more excited you are the faster you go, we all find it hilarious. I love that you put your fingers in your month when you giggle. Your hair is starting to go blonde and is slowly coming in thicker, I thought you were going to be red, but it's coming in the same shade as Freddie. You've now perfected the art of the "attention cry" - HELP!

You're starting to make a go at trying to talk, although it's only really when Freddie isn't around that you do. You love your food and your bottle is still your first love. You're still in 6-9 month clothes, but can fit in some 9-12 month ones. The bedtime routine has been a little in the air recently as you've not been settling down so well, what with being ill. My hair is the best thing for bedtime as you always go to grab it when you're tired; I always let you because it's better than having you scream the house down. You don't know what to make of Chocolate and nearly always spit it out when eating it - maybe it's too sugary? Boris is by far your favourite toy, your hands and feet shake when he comes near you, resulting in you going mental and throwing him around as he jingles. Egbert (Daddy named him) the Elephant is a good replacement if Boris isn't around. You always kick your covers off yourself when I try and tuck you in - cheeky monkey!
You watch me do everything, especially waving, you always look fascinated by this. We have a little game we play where I high five you and you low five me - you smile the whole time! I love how you breath heavily when you're excited. You now take notice of the telly and your favourite thing is Waybuloo on Cbeebies. You've got a feisty side as when Freddie starts fiddling with you, you do shout at him and swat at him. You're generally so laid back. You're loving that you can start feeding yourself a little more, your favourite is plain pasta to grab off your tray.

I love nothing more than watching you grow and develop. You're such a lovely little soul and I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
I love you so much my little Noey