My 12 Favourite Posts from this Year..

I'm still unbelievably shocked at how fast this year has gone. It's whizzed by and I keep thinking that this time last year we were still waiting on our bump to arrive in a matter of months. Organising living spaces and making a list of items that we still needed.
I remember at that point thinking 'as soon as Christmas is over with.. he'll be here not long after' and he was.
I started sharing the last part of my pregnancy and the start of our life with, who we now know is Noah. He fitted into our family easily and it doesn't feel like it's a year ago that he was in my tummy.

We've had so many highs this year, Noah being one of them. We've had family trips out and lots of fun days at home. I started my HS medication (finally!), started to lose weight and even had my first collaboration post! We've had Toilet Drama and began weaning..
I've shared so much of our life together on this blog and I have to say, genuinely that it's become such an enjoyment to write. I think it's also started to become a habit as of late to hunt through pictures and write posts. I always say this blog is my downtime and it's so true. It's become a part of my life over the last few months.. and to think it's not even been a year yet!

On this post I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite posts over this last year..

  • Recording Memories for Baby - Reading this back the other day genuinely brought tears to my eyes. It's so sweet and it brings back such a special moment during my pregnancy.
  • A Week of Noah - A special week for many reasons. The photo's in the post makes my heart melt.
  • Sleep? What's that? - I remember how tired I was writing this post, but it was a post I wanted to share. I wanted to share that, yes, I was tired, but I was happy and content. Looking back on it now.. I think Noah was the perfect baby!
  • 1:1 time with Freddie - After having a baby it's difficult to fit time in with the other sibling, especially when sleep routines have been unsettled, but he managed so well.. We ended up having a little bit of time alone. He loved having Mummy back!
  • Spontaneous Picnic - I loved this day, it was simply spontaneous and it doesn't feel like it was 6 months ago.. Our little Noah was tiny at the time and we got some rather lovely photo's :)
  • Marty MacDonald's Farm Day Out - This was a surprise outing for Freddie, we wanted to take him out during the Summer and make the most of family time. We ended up making a day of it with the boys and met up with other family.
  • Drayton Manor - Thomas Land - This was our family event of the Summer. The place that Freddie had been begging us to go since his birthday and we managed to get there.. The whole two days was perfect.
  • Celebrating Another Year - Marriage is very special. It's something to treasure and reflect on. This year was no different :)
  • Out for a Walk in the Woods - I loved this walk. I love the photo's and the scenery. Again another one of our spontaneous trips this Autumn; one I'll never forget!
  • Our Mini Holiday to Blackpool! - We've been very lucky with trips this year, Blackpool being no exception. Treating our boys to a favourite past time of mine, seeing the Blackpool Illuminations. It was definitely a trip to remember.
  • Spending the Day with my Better Half.. - This is when our Christmas Shopping started, it was also our first date (outside of the house) since Freddie had been born..
  • Meeting Santa at Thursford - A perfect day with my little ones. Memories that'll stay with me forever.
I honestly can't thank you readers enough for following our story this last year. You're super!! Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2015! :)