Mini Photoshoot | Noah

Oh I do love to get the camera out! 
Ever since we ordered it back in the Summer I've been so grateful for it, because I treasure every single photo I manage to snap on it. I love having memories and I love the quality the camera provides - it's so special to me.

My little Noah has recently been a bit of a buggar for having a nap in the day (it drives me mad!!) therefore we end up on my bed having cuddles and giggles.. In the hope he gets tired and falls asleep.. It rarely works though!
Yesterday he just wouldn't settle in his cot, but was laying on our bed rather contently. I decided to grab my camera and make the most of the situation.. because you simply cannot have enough pictures of the little ones. I'm slightly gutted I didn't get any taken a week or so ago as I printed loads off for my parents and grandparents for Christmas - I guess we'll make a start on next Christmas's pile...

Anyway, I fell in love with every picture and the lighting was so perfect; there was so little editing needed if any at all.