Meeting Santa at Thursford

My Grandparents, bless them paid for us and the boys to go to see Santa. My Nan has heard for many years that it's supposed to be amazing and that the kids love it, so she was really excited to take them to see the man in red.

Christmas in general has been more exciting this year due to Freddie's understanding of what it's all about. So, it's pretty great to be able to do all the magical things that come with the story of Christmas.

We headed out in our Christmas Jumpers (cue the terribly-out-of-focus-family-selfie-shot-which-I-actually-really-like below) and went onto Thursford Christmas Village. I have never been there before but have heard such lovely things - it really is quite a special place, however I did expect a *little* more to be around.. But what was there was amazing. It was busy but not overcrowded and there was such a warm feeling about the place (despite it actually being freeeezing)
Everywhere was decorated beautifully and they couldn't be more inviting if they tried harder.. It really was like walking into Winter Wonderland!

Inside it was magnificent. It must've taken ages to get it to look so beautiful. The organised walk through the displays, and the displays themselves were so pretty. The boys loved it! Walking around there was an Elf that was reading snippets of Christmas stories and telling us where to find Santa. Everything about it was sooo cute!
Me and my mum went in with the boys to see Santa (I did love the fact that the tickets were named so he knew who was who.. Freddie was shocked he knew his name!) and Freddie didn't say much to him, only that he wants a "triceratops car" - What even IS that?! But Santa agreed to see what he could do.. He really is magic!
Noah kept laughing at Elfy - obviously took a liking!
We were in there for a good 10 minutes and managed to get a photo with him too for £7.50 which I didn't think was too bad. Certainly a lovely souvenir.

There were so much to do in the building, we watched a magic show and took photo's with the rather adorable creatures walking around.. However, what a mole and fox has to do with Christmas is slightly questionable..?
 I honestly help but to take photo's of everything! I took over 100 - so I think I did well to narrow it down *haha*
These obviously were my favourite..

I loved this little guy!
LOVE. Going to be putting this picture in a frame for Mum!
The little details were beautiful. I've never seen a place so well put together.
Noah was absolutely fascinated with everything.
He's actually smiling!
This boy WOULD NOT let that present go.
It's a digger! :D

Erm.. because he is cute?
Massive dancing penguins? Yeah, we all wondered what the hell that was about N!
Our little portrait with Santa :)