Making Christmas Traditions

I'm loving the whole Christmas thing so much this year. 
I think it's mostly because we can get Freddie involved now as he's starting to get an understanding what it's all about. It's crazy to think he's nearly 4, the years have been flying by, and to believe 2015 is in a matter of weeks. 
This time of year always gets me thinking for the year ahead.. and whilst I don't want to wish any time away, I do think of things we can do as they get older.

I think that Christmas Traditions are something special and need to be treasured because no matter what, you remember them so well. 
This is going to be the most exciting part, enforcing something that can return for years and years. Something we can add to as we grow, something that means something to us as a family. It's a massive part of your childhood and actually quite a big part of parenthood. 
As a child I remember so well putting the chocolate decorations on the tree and being told we weren't allowed to eat them until Christmas Eve.. but we always would have a few. I remember reading the Father Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, just before going to bed and leaving food for the reindeers and Santa. 

I love the little glisten in my Freddie's eyes as we talk presents and other Christmas relations. We talk about Santa and why he comes down the chimney. We got excited about going to meet Santa in his Grotto! (Yep, we saw the real Santa!) and we also wrote a letter to him. We can get creative making Christmas related pictures, make loads of mess and talk about what's on our wishlist (mine is here.) We made plans for putting the tree up and I browsed the internet for hours in search of new quirky items to put on it. We can talk about why Elves work in workshops all year around and how reindeer's fly. We can talk about how Santa can fit all the whole worlds toys in his sleigh and why no-one ever sees him on Christmas Eve or why Rudolph has a shiny red nose.

I want Christmas to be so much fun and something we all can't wait for every year.
Christmas is so family orientated and it's such a special time. I'm a very sentimental person and I just love putting personal touches to everything. I want to buy Santa sacks with the boys names on so they believe Santa has really been. I want to lay out a mince pie, carrot and milk for Santa and the Reindeers. I want to have Christmas Eve as the laziest day ever of cuddling on the sofa, in PJs, eating sweets watching Christmas films. I want to have a family Advent Calendar where we take it in turns to open a little present. I want us all to put the decorations on the tree and make a new one every year. I want to teach the boys all the words to all the Carols. I want to bake Christmassy foods (gingerbread house we're coming to get you!)

I want my boys to be spoilt and I'm going to completely let them embrace eating too many sweets, chocolate and naughty treats. I want them to learn to appreciate their presents and understand that they're given with love and kindness. I mostly want them to have nothing but perfect memories.
I want them to fall in love with the magic that surrounds this time of year!