Look what I found..

Being a Mum I forget about my past times. I forget that I once was head over heels in love with painting, drawing.. but especially Indian ink. I forget that I loved to get a handwriting pen (berol: LOVE) and draw something and then get some water and just play with it. layer it up to different shades and make interesting patterns.. Even sometimes adding a little watercolour paint.
I forget all of that, because I don't usually have time to think of doing anything else.
These photo's were taken whilst I was at college.. It honestly all feels like a lifetime ago!

The other day I was looking for some plain paper and remembered I had a A3 sketchbook in my 'memory draw' - Yup, box, you're too small.
I found so many drawings and paintings. I did all of these whilst I was pregnant with Freddie and I remember it so well. I just forgot over time how much I loved it.. (I'm a little sad that I haven't got much of my work anymore - I threw a few bits out to make room for other things).
I showed Freddie these pictures and he was so excited, saying they were so pretty - cute!