Lincoln Christmas Market

Last Friday we all headed off to the Lincoln Christmas Market.
We went last year and it was SO busy we hardly got to see anything, which was really sad as we were excited to have a look around for the first time. So we made it our business to go again and have a look; especially as it was said to be more family orientated this year (erm, anyone explain how it was?). My sister also lives in Lincoln as she's studying at the Uni, so it was nice to catch up with her for the day.

I also forgot to take my big camera - ugh I was ridiculously annoyed because I had organised myself to take it, but the morning of, I was rushing around to get ready on time - we weren't really ready then! It wasn't a good 15 miles into the journey that I forgot; too late to turn around :(
My Grandad came to my rescue and said I could use his camera - only I found out the battery was flat. I had to rely on my phone (I'm upgrading this Summer! (camera is top priority!)) and Chris's, so I apologise that the quality is rubbish.

Besides we had so much fun anyway (even though I never got my turkey, stuffing and apple sauce roll that I really wanted last year! (I was too full from breakfast!)). We walked around chatting, losing each other, drinking way too much hot chocolate (and some mulled wine), the boys ate loads of sweets, Noah slept through most of it. It was great!
Now for snaps.. In the most random order..

Probably not our best selfie..
Tucking into a Banoffee crepe (looked amazing!)
Snug as a bug in a rug.

I really like Lincoln as a City. I love the architecture and the quaint little shops (I brought some carrot cake in one - yummayy!).
I'm really hoping we get to go again next year, because I brought the most gorgeous wreath for my lounge. It smells heavenly and I think it's amazing for £12. It was also nice to kinda have a day off plan diet wise and to spend quality time with my special people :)
It well and truly got us in the Christmas Mood! Not that I needed it..

3rd Hot Chocolate of the day... oops!
Costa Selfie!
2nd Hot Chocolate..