It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Okay, you will probably hear this a million more times before the day arrives - I'm so excited for Christmas! I physically cannot wait. Being in full swing of the festivities means getting the tree out (which we did yesterday) and I think it's the first thing that makes the season feel Christmassy in the home.

Every year I buy something new to add to the decorations (this year a few more) as I like to swap and change my 'look' each year. I wish I could be one of them people who were satisfied with their decorations every year (because really they only come out for 3/4 weeks a year!) - but I'm not, I like to move things around and try out different themes.
This years theme is multicoloured. 
Yup, I'm pretty excited about this one as I usually try and stay within certain tones but I wanted to try something different. I've got loads of decorations (and a multitude of colours), a massive mix-match of everything; and as our lounge doesn't have a "theme" colour - I knew it'd fit in perfectly. We have a chocolate brown sofa, deep purple curtains, wooden furniture, lilac walls and lots of different pictures and cushions (All things I have plans to change in the New Year!). 

Also as we're fairly pushed for room in this house I decided to decorate the tree full with a lot of decorations and leave the rest of the room fairly minimal. I don't want the place to feel cluttered with lots of sparkly things and also it'll make the theme appear tasteful.. I hope!
I'm going to share with you the other pictures of things we've included on our tree/overall look in another post but I wanted to share my new buys..

  1. Santa Key - Morrisons
  2. Happy Holidays Snowflake - Paperchase
  3. Christmas Jumper with Wreath Decoration
  4. Rita Reindeer - Paperchase
  5. 10 Battery Colour Changing LED Reindeer Lights
  6. Advent Christmas Glass Baubles - Paperchase
  7. Spiced Dried Fruit Wreath - Lincoln Christmas Market
I'm loving this years little additions, I love single decorations and this year, I wasn't disappointed. I have to say Rita Reindeer is my favourite (how cute?). But that Jumper is pretty spectacular!
I couldn't resist getting the Wreath from the Lincoln Christmas Market today, it's gorgeous and smells heavenly. Worth every single penny and the smell is so strong - the house is all Christmassy now :)
The Santa key will definitely come in handy as I know I'll get the question in the next few years; so I brought it as soon as I saw it, now for where to put it come Christmas Eve..?