Freddies' Christmas Tree

Christmas is so close! We're officially on the Countdown - 22 days left!

I'm such a sentimental person, so I love anything that's handmade; especially from the boys! So when Freddie came home yesterday with this Christmas tree, I instantly fell in love with it. 
Honestly, how beautiful is it? I really do love it when he comes home with his drawings and paintings but seasonal items like this are incredibly lovely. Especially at Christmas as we can incorporate it in with our decorations :) It's so cute and minimalistic - the little decorations on the tree are so sweet and it's done in a mixture of colours (something we're aiming for this year - tell more soon!). Oh, and glitter! *thumbs up*

It's such a special item and it shall take pride of place this Christmas on our lounge dresser. We've cleared it so that we have more room and everything looks less cluttered.
The tree has made me really excited to get the decorations up..

 Look how chuffed he is that he made it!