Decorating the table for Boxing Day

Boxing Day is usually our second Christmas Day. It's always been a day we've got together for yet another Christmas dinner and just chill.. I suppose it's been our way of continuing the festivities for a little longer.

I haven't visited my mums house since she decorated it all up for Christmas so it was rather lovely to drop in. Me and my mum are both very creative and are on the same wavelength when it comes to colours, tones and ideas - basically when no one else understands our thoughts we know one another will. I mean if your mum doesn't understand your need to buy 7 cushions for £53 who will?!

Like always my mums house looked gorgeous at Christmas. Each year she adds something new to the decorations and I often can't wait till I can have a lovely house with space to decorate things so beautifully.

So really it was no surprise when Mum went to me 'I've no idea how to set the table, I have this runner and these serviettes - what can I do?' I got my creative head on and came up with this table display. I was actually really chuffed with it because it just went and even though it took a little while to set up it looked damn good at the end of it! 
We ended up going for a 'rustic' look with string, gold/browns/cream tones; It looked rather lovely :)

Food was very yummy as always!
Melon and Pomegranate for Starters, Roast Beef for Main, Banoffee pie and Meringue nests with raspberries and banana for dessert! Delicious.