Christmas Eve & Day

And so Christmas has been and gone. The day we've been preparing for; came and went in a flash, but it was the loveliest day.
Christmas Eve we had a day at home in our PJ's and watched many Christmas Films, a day where we ate chocolate and biscuits most of the day and huddled on the sofa.

Christmas Eve night we read the bedtime story of 'The Night Before Christmas' and laid out milk, some biscuits and a parsnip.. (funny story really - amongst all the excitment this month of getting ready for Christmas we kinda forgot the crucial detail.. A carrot for the reindeers! Ooops! After discussing it on Instagram my friend Beth said the reindeers would appreciate some variety in their diet! Phew! Didn't get any bad mummy points after all!)
I played the silent and secret Santa (Jeez what is it about trying to do this that makes you feel like a criminal in your own house?!) at roughly 11pm and whilst getting one of the sacks out Noah's car keys started playing music... LOUD. It probably wasn't actually that loud but it seemed it when I was trying to creep about in the hope not to wake the boys - I mean seriously, what could you say if they woke up and saw you planting the presents there!

After a very reasonable wake up of 7.15AM - YES, MY BOYS DIDN'T WAKE TILL 7.15AM ON CHRISTMAS DAY MORNING. *haha* I even had to say 'I wonder if Santa Claus has been?!' before I got any squeals.. Seriously, I played Burglar Santa and quite frankly I was the only one over excited to dash down the stairs!

I love that we had the morning to ourselves, it just felt right. We knew we were meeting with parents and grandparents for lunch but it was so nice to just open our presents (watch Frozen.. 'cos *ahem*I wanted to*ahem*). It was so chilled and happy. A morning to remember as Freddie was so close to combustion when opening his Power Rangers Megazord and Noah was besotted with Bobby Bot.
After getting the boys bathed and dressed, Noah had a little nap whilst I sang very out of tune to every Frozen song and Chris turning the Megazord into an plane for the 30th time that morning.
My grandparents were picking us up at 11.15AM so we had plenty of time to get ourselves ready and of course take a set of family selfies! Woo! (everyone was surprisingly okay with the suggestion of a photo together (they've got used to my ways!)).

I dressed Noah as an Elf. I wanted to put him in a novelty costume because, lets face it.. he's a darn adorable Elf! I knew he would and everyone gushed over how cute he was :) He really was! I mean honestly, just look at him! I couldn't help but squeal aww's at him all day..

We met my parents, other grandma, brothers and sister at the Hungry Horse for our lunch. We had Christmas dinner out this year because my mum didn't really want the job of cooking lunch for 13 of us.. I don't really blame her, and plus it was quite the novelty to get dressed up and go out - not to mention there's no washing up!

The food was Okay, somewhat a little disappointing as you kind of expect a little more luxury when it comes to Christmas dinner.. something moreish and I think this was lacking in the meal. Everything we had tasted lovely and was hot, it just didn't have the wow factor of Christmas. But like I said earlier it was nice going out, having a laugh, chat and we left the restaurant with nothing to tidy up so it was very good in that aspect.. but to ask if i'd do it again next year? Maybe not there, but I would like to try somewhere else!

The 'He's like a dead weight and my arms are aching like hell perch on the table hands'

After dinner we all headed back to my mums house to open and hand out presents! I was very lucky this year as was the boys, we got some very special presents :)