Brothers; Their first months together

When I was pregnant with Noah, I wasn't ever so sure how Freddie would be once baby arrived. 
I wondered if he would get intensely jealous as he's turned 3 and being an only child for that long; be a hard change for him. 
I wondered if he would lash out, or if he would hide up. 
I wondered if he would become fiercely protective of him and want to be around him constantly. Wary of anyone unknown touching him.

During the pregnancy he loved to snuggle up to 'Archie' (he never really ever felt him kick - wouldn't stay around long enough to feel it) and he used to talk about what having him would mean.. But I think the real test isn't until baby arrives.

When he saw him at the Hospital for the first time he was so curious and wanted to touch him. He wanted to know what he was all about and what he did.. He slept most of it - he was fine with that. It was the shouting he was worried about.
But he's always loved him. He wouldn't want to be left alone without him around, even though he often protests that he doesn't want him here or touching his toys..

It's still a massive transition now. Now that Noah isn't just a baby who lays in his moses basket sleeping - he wants to play, roll around and shake toys around. He laughs, kicks and is active. He wants to get around and the many toys that are laying about are so interesting to him.
But we often get Freddie taking toys off him and telling him that they're his. (Ahh, yes, the 'yes they were originally brought for you, but you need to let him play with them too, 'cos they're kinda his too now' problem)

Noah isn't at the age where he's too bothered, but sometimes if he's playing with a toy he does shout and Freddie quickly puts the toy back before full blown meltdown happens.. and to be honest I think this shall be their relationship in the future.
I think Freddie will play the 'I'm the older brother' card and as Noah is fairly laid back I think he'll be happy to tail behind (unless it's something he truly believes in (he's a Taurus - us bulls stand for what we want!)) and I think that he will tell Freddie if he thinks he's gone too far. They'll be friends and little monsters together!

In their first few months together, they've bonded so well. Freddie does kick up a bit of a fuss here and there when I'm doing something regarding Noah before him, but I think because Noah is constantly changing, Freddie is adapting with him. But there is so much love there!
So many cuddles, squeals, giggles and games between them that it completely melts my heart. They very often talk and stare at each other giggling as Noah is touching Freddie's face. They are so affectionate to one another and Freddie loves nothing more than making Noah laugh hard. "Ahh he likes me doesn't he Mummy? He finds me funny!"
Or the time when Freddie was upset so he sat on my lap with Noah snuggling into me and I was stroking Freddie's hair. Noah was watching and all of a sudden started trying to do the same, only kind of ended up trying to pull Freddie's hair (the sentiment was nice!), after explaining it to Freddie he started laughing every time Noah tried to do it to him.

They're so cute. I know they're going to cause trouble for me in the years to come; we shall see what's ahead!