Writing our letters to Santa

We're very big on the Christmas spirit in the Reynolds house this year and I just want to dive in and make the most of everything with the boys.
I want to get creative and enjoy every moment, because it goes so quick and as soon as Christmas is over, it's all back to normal!
But obviously we have to start in the obvious place.. Writing our letters to Santa (and praying we're on the good list!!).

This year we're sending ours off to receive a letter from the very Mr Claus. YES! I genuinely can't wait to see Freddie's face when he gets his reply back! I want to see that glimmer in his eye and see him bounce around the room and tell everyone about it.
I gathered all the things around the house and settled up the table with my boys. We spent a good few hours talking and colouring (I naturally stepped in and helped N with his!). I loved it and I'm looking forward to doing it every year.
I even managed to have a little guy ask to come and sit on my lap so that we could do it together - adorable! We chatted about what we wanted to write to Santa and what special presents we want to arrive on the day (his list literally changes every few days!.. Worst off I haven't brought him ANYTHING on the list.. Eek! Maybe pop a note in from Santa saying it was out of stock and the elves were too ill to make another?)

Freddie got a little obsessed with how to use a pencil sharpener to worry too much about what to draw on his letter. He wanted to draw a dinosaur and majorly protested against the fact that it's "not" Christmassy. It was also not acceptable to possibly draw a dinosaur with a Santa's hat on because dinosaurs don't like Santa or Christmas or Snow or Christmas trees.
But the silver pencil was a massive hit as was poking the inkpad. WE LOVE BLACK INK ALL OVER OUR HANDS! :D
He also figured out the magic of the multicoloured crayon as it makes rainbows and using 4 pencils at the same time (I remember this SO much from my Childhood!!).

Noah sat in his highchair and was so excited to see everyone sitting up the dining room table. He had toys on his tray (the spoon is his favourite as he can practice feeding himself) and chatted his way through our activities.
After finishing our letters I was after a picture of Freddie holding his first ever Santa letter - purely for sentimental reasons. I got some really nice ones, but I also love the not so "perfect" ones, because these are all Freddie. He makes me laugh so much, I honestly don't know what I'd do without him!

I love the look of concentration on Freddie's face. I love how stuck in he got and how freely he expressed what he wanted to do on his letter. I love how there were snippets of paper on the floor and crayons scattered everywhere. I love how Noah muttered all the way through us discussing what to write. I love how such a simple activity, brought so much fun. I loved being with my boys making such a cute little memory.