"THREE YEARS until you are THIRTY!"

It was my Husbands' 27th Birthday last Sunday and for the last couple of weeks, I have been teasing him. I've made little jokes about his age - It's been very amusing because really, he actually doesn't care! I know he doesn't, but it didn't stop me from reminding him ;) He just laughs at me and retorts "Don't worry, you'll be THIRTY in 6 1/2 YEARS!" (We'll worry about that when it come yeah?)
I had been very excited about Chris's Birthday this year. I really wanted to spoil him rotten because we never usually get the chance as his Birthday always falls the day after rent day. OUCH. We always get him something little, but to be fair he deserves so much more. He is at the centre of our world after all. He's there for us and he loves us all so much - he just deserves for it to be proven, beyond hugs and kisses - especially on his Birthday!
We had planned to have a surprise Birthday Meal at the Hungry Horse, taking his Birthday Cake and presents. On top of "having a day doing what Daddy wants".
If you follow me on my Instagram you'll know that I planned this all with Freddie - Okay letting a 3 year old chatterbox into the "surprise" plans wasn't the greatest idea! But he was so excited about buying a cake and writing in Daddy's card that I couldn't exclude him. So I told him to keep it quiet (I really didn't hold out much hope.. but he did last longer than I thought!). I told him not to mention presents or the SpongeBob cake that he chose, and definitely not the meal.
He lasted until mid-morning, where he spilled the WHOLE tale over a wee on the loo. "Daddy, we're going to the Hungry Horse for lunch, and I got you a SpongeBob cake to have and we got you a DVD-bies (yup, he actually calls DVDs this (SO, SO CUTE!)) and lots of sweets that Mummy said I may be able to share with you, if I ask nicely. But it's a surprise, Daddy" D'oh! As Homer would say.. He would not stop even with my evil glares and my attempts to interrupt him.
Bless him, it was such a burden to him to have to keep this MASSIVE secret from his father *haha*
Chris said he wasn't even suspicious. Yup, I'm a secret Ninja organising his treats without him knowing (nothing to do with the fact he's at work 40 hours a week!).
All morning I had been rushing around setting piles of clothes out and trying to straighten my hair on the sly - because I never get a chance to straighten my hair, ever. So that would look suspicious! Trying to clean and fill up bottles without him wondering why I was making 3 up.. because I can? Luckily he never saw, so saved me that completely-give-it-away conversation!
But Freds told him and to be honest, life was so much easier letting him in on it, but that totally wasn't the point. I could tell he was completely chuffed with the plans and was looking forward to it. He rarely gets to have meals out with us, so it was so lovely to treat time to something different.

Daddy's HOW OLD!?
After the getting ready we had 10 minutes until our lift arrived. how to spend them minutes? Taking selfies and photo's of the boys, obviously. *haha* I love any excuse to get the big camera out for a while.
Many attempts of taking a family photo and we never did get the perfect one, but we did have such a giggle trying to get it! We took so many, and so many failed, but eh, two young kids and a clock watching parent, doesn't make for the most laid back photo shoot!

Something I really love about my Camera is that I never realise how perfect some of the photo's come out. I often take them without looking through the hole, I like to let things be natural and just point and shoot at times. But I often get the best photo's like this - like the ones of Noah. Oh my, they're my favourite to date of him. They make me melt, because he really does have such an adorable face!

We all had such a lovely time out at the Hungry Horse. We all ordered a roast dinner, apart from Freddie who had fish fingers. It was delicious, and so was pudding! Yum!
Everyone was chatting and laughing. Chris had such a great time. He loved his presents and said it was the best Birthday yet. (I think we shall try hard to top it for next year!) It was honestly a lovely day.
Afterwards we came home and got into our PJs - Yup at 3.30pm and just snuggled on the sofa, reading books and cuddling two very tired little men. (they were still recovering from Blackpool!) We had some Birthday cake, even though none of us was particularly hungry after such a massive lunch, but it's his birthday! After that the boys went off to bed and Chris and I watched his new DVD, Anchorman 2. I knew this would be the perfect present because he was desperate to see it in cinema but never got to. It was really quite funny! We then watched the Xfactor Results and then went off to bed as it was an early morning for us all! Boo 6.30am starts :(

Oh, and don't worry, Freddie never got face planted with the cake! ;)
 And we still have loads left! (Shame I'm on a diet...)