Spending the Day with My Better Half..

 It's no secret that I love my husband to the moon and back. And it's also no secret that I'm stupidly excited for Christmas this year.. put this together and I'm bouncing around the room! (almost literally..)

Friday we went Christmas shopping and it was such a lovely day. I hate to say it, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.. Someone is a bit of a moaner when it comes to walking around shops all day!

It seems I rarely get to see Chris these days as he works 40+ hours a week so our alone time is really precious; especially as the boys usually take up so much of that time together (and actually it's my favourite time). We all pile on the sofa or just potter around the house chatting and doing chores; let's face it, two pairs of hands are better than one! It's lovely to see Chris with the boys, they completely adore him. I adore him and them times go far too quick. Before we know it, it's back to work and our normality. 

So when he got the day off and as it's close to Christmas we decided it's time to do some Christmas shopping. Okay the truth - I was too excited and really wanted to get started on buying presents!
With that we knew we couldn't have the boys (Freddie moreso than Noah) with us whilst we got the presents - for the fear of ruining Santa and all that!! We're definitely not ready to blow the cover on that one yet.. and my isn't it so fun keeping up the magic of Christmas?

We headed off early, dropping the boys at my mums for the day. Hand in hand we headed to the city of Norwich (we were going to go to Peterborough, but we thought there were more shops in Norwich that we wanted to visit - therefore a better use of our time!).

Sometimes I think it's so easy to detach as a couple at times because there's so many demands from all corners of life. Mum and Dad roles take over, as well as Employee - it can be really hard to juggle! It sometimes takes a moment to make you think about your special person, the person who you fell in love with and who you chose to go through this journey called "life".
And nothing makes you think about it more than a day together away from everything! Away from the Internet, the mobile and the kids. Having only each other seems a little daunting and I actually wondered if we'd have anything to talk about, because it felt so long ago since we've chatted the night away.. or actually spend a whole day together alone. It's usually a film after the boys have gone to bed, so to spend the day together was such an occasion.
On the way we talked about what we wanted to get people and the sort of shops we wanted to visit; and many other completely random hilarious things.
When we got there we decided to have lunch straight off so that we could crack on with the shopping (and burn all the calories in the meantime!). I did take a few snaps of our little date - can you believe it's our first proper lunch date since Freddie has been born?! It was so fun. We laughed and chatted non stop, oh and did lots of people watching! I just enjoyed spending decent time with him because he really makes me smile.

It felt like we had gone back to meeting when we used to talk about everything and nothing all the time. The times of chatting for hours on the phone and doing the cheesy 'no you hand up'. All the times you wish you could go back to (at them times when you miss them so much!); but it's proof you don't need to wish, it's all there.. Just busy-fied*.
It was genuinely so funny (who knew Chris could make me laugh so much? Me!) and we managed to get most things we were after. I don't think there's much to get now, only presents for each other! I'm pretty excited to get him something as I know what's the perfect present.
Everywhere looked so festive and it really brought the mood for Christmas shopping. I love hunting around for presents because you can never plan everything down to the detail and sometimes you just don't know what to get someone..

We're now looking forward to wrapping the presents up together (yep, we both love wrapping the presents.. It almost becomes a competition..) and our next date - He doesn't know it yet but we shall be going on more. We just need to as it's so good for us, I love this guy and to be honest I kinda love having him to myself for a little while as rare as it is!

P.S He didn't moan at all! ;)
*made up word.