Photo of the Week

This week has been a mixture of feelings. 
Excitement, Frustration and Tiredness.

We've been getting so excited for the festive season and all the Christmas related stuff we've got planned as a family. We've been frustrated over Noah's new bedtime routine, which sadly began once again tonight after a couple of better nights! Damn teething, but frustration rolls into tiredness. We're all tired. After many nights of getting up and dealing with a very upset Noah. It's horrible for us all (excluding Freddie as he seems to sleep through anything!) and I hope them irritating teeth come through soon and make him feel better! I don't like a grumpy baby :(

This week we've written letters to Santa. I've had a day out with my Grandparents and Mum and I saw Part 1 of Mockingjay (I loved it!) and met up with Els to watch the film, have lunch and drink Costa in her car laughing about stuff. It was really lovely to get away from the house for the day and chat to a girl friend about everything! I do miss my girls in the weeks we don't meet as it's very needed to have that away time!

This week I couldn't decide on a photo because they both sum our week up so well.
The quality is rubbish because they were taken on my phone in the dark - but I love them because it shows the reality of our week.
P.S I really dislike that N sleeps head down - it really worries me.. :|