Photo of the Week

Hi Everyone!
So this week has flown by so quick - it's been that quick that I hadn't even thought what my picture would be this week. However, looking through my phone, I knew I found the perfect one.

This week it's been about getting in the mood for Christmas. Getting advent calenders and going Christmas Shopping! We've not got everything for everyone but most things have been brought - I'm so excited! It's so exciting this time of year. We're also in mid-think of what's going to be our Christmas tradition?! We haven't really had one up to now as Freddie and obviously Noah haven't known much about it (do you have one?), but this year Freddie is so damn excited! Which reminds me, we need to buy a Christmas book!

This week Noah has been rolling around like a crazy one! He's loving the fact that he can roll over and over around the room, also he has been improving on his sitting up! (so long as he doesn't wave or kick his legs..) Freddie has also been doing really well at Nursery this week. He's been coming home with stickers saying 'keep it up' - Woo!
It's also been a week since I'm a celebrity has been on the screen! I absolutely love this program and it's actually something Chris loves to watch too (we love to laugh at them doing the trails), I'm really liking everyone in there and I don't currently have a favourite to win..

I love taking pictures of my Noah asleep (in a non-creepy way) as I love documenting his body length. He's only really still when he's asleep and he always looks so peaceful and happy. He snores too.. It just makes me smile, especially as he's gone to sleep with Boris - his favourite teddy!
P.S I am in love with Noah's jumper! (H & M Kids for £4.99 - BARGAIN!)