Photo of the Week

When I first thought of this weeks post, I instantly thought 'Oh, its been boring!' but actually thinking about it, its been a week of relaxing and spending time with my loved ones.

I've been baking with my boys some Christmassy inspired cookies (recipe on the blog this coming week), been to Dermatology and now on month two of Isostretin and baked some cakes with Freddie, whose fallen in love with stepping up to the work top and helping with the mixing. Also Noah has finally figured out how to roll back onto his back! Hoorah!

I rather love this photo because it makes me smile. Freddie was telling his Great Grandad how to view his photo's on his phone "You push that one, i'd imagine" - Yup, that's my kids' exact words.
It honestly amazes me how these little ones know so much about technology! It's both scary and fascinating.