Photo of the Week

Another week has disappeared from under my feet. But they always say it's when you're having fun! (and this week has been very fun!)
I've been to Blackpool for 2 days with the family and met up with my girlies! The last time we met when we had girls night in August - feels like forever ago. So it was perfect to catch up with the kiddies for a little while and then being able to enjoy girl chat over lunch! 
It's also been Chris's birthday, my Husband has turned 27 today!

I can't be the only one who finds this photo completely hilarious? I've laughed over it so many times. It's one you tend to delete as it's out of focus and is timed wrong (or right in this case) - but I couldn't because it's so funny. It was taken in Blackpool whilst waiting for the Circus to start! (I can't wait to share with you the snaps from our mini holiday! keep a look out!)
This is definitely a photo I shall be keeping; just so that we can laugh every time it makes an appearance!