Our Month in Photos - November

The month that feels so close yet so far away from Christmas. It's the month we can start complaining about how cold it is and wrap up in scarves and gloves. It's the month of icy mornings and constant rain. It's the month of wearing boots, thick socks and where it's a necessity to walk around holding a Starbucks/Costa hot chocolate. Oh, did I mention Christmas?

We've had a quieter month in the way of trips (I have a feeling December shall pick up!) and it's been more about snuggling on the sofa and spending lots of time together as a family; but saying that we've been up to a fair few things! Baking, Christmas shopping, Chris's birthday, Writing letters to Santa, Noah's first tooth has come in and he's learnt to roll from his belly to his back (and over again!). Oh and has started to try and clap - CUTE!
My boys honestly make me so proud, every single month. They achieve so much between them.
But I know for a fact December is going to be our best and favourite month. We have SO much planned and I'm just so excited.

Picture 1 - I really need to do some posts about these two together because they are just adorable.
Here Freddie is barking at Noah pretending to be a dog and Noah just looks so bewildered. It's one of my favourite memories - Noah's facial expressions give everything away (he's just like his Mummy in that regard!)

Picture 2 - This is one of my favourites from this last month. It's so damn cute (okay, I find every picture of my boys cute - but just look at his face! I want to kiss it all over!!). 
We were off to pick Freddie up from Nursery and this little one was looking up adoringly at me whilst I put my coat and shoes on - perfect opportunity much?

Picture 3 - I like to take a photo of me and the little guy every now and again simply because he's growing so much longer in every photo; I'm also a firm believer in that you can't take too many photo's.
I love the fact that N loves looking at himself in the mirror, he smiles a huge grin and tries to touch his reflection. I also pull faces at him and he just turns to look at me and I go "Who's that?!" and he giggles. *Massive heart Emoji here!*

Picture 4 - As a Mum the best thing is when the boys are Mummy's boys! And N is definitely Mummy's boy.. (Freddie was always a Daddy's boy and still is *sadface*)
 N loves to go to Daddy for throwing up in the air (because I couldn't even bring myself to be able to let him go!) and lots and lots of tickling and jokes, but Mummy for snuggles, singing and giggles. His favourite at the moment is The Grande Ol' Duke of York as I lift him up when they go to the top and bounce him down when they go down! He laughs so damn much!! *heartbreak*
This was on a film day and as Daddy had him, he kept leaning over to me - this is what he did once I got hold of him :)

Picture 5 - He's getting much better at sitting up! I don't think it'll be long until he starts doing it himself. At the moment he just gets so excited that he falls over lop sided, but Friday he actually starting using his hands to stop him from falling sideways! Go N! (Btw - he looks incredibly cute here!)

Picture 6: As it's getting colder and that the Christmas spirit is high in our house, the Christmas jumpers have been on! I got this when we went to Norwich Christmas shopping and Freddie is totally rocking it! He loves it, I love it - win!
Oh and say hello to his phone.. here he was taking photo's of himself and me. Looking up so often to say "aww, that's a nice one!" - What is he like?!

Picture 7 - This has become a favourite of mine. It's so rare I manage to get a really lovely photo of me and Freddie because he just gets silly and hides up when I get the camera out, but this one was a really quick one as I managed to hold his attention enough to bribe him! 
(That's the mother I've resorted too.. A starburst sweet for a set of photo's. Tut.)
Picture 8 - This one makes my heart melt. They are so lovely together and Freddie simply adores Noah (same back!). This photo says a million words and all of them include love.
It was also their first time together in the trolley and they had a ball; sharing the blanket and Freddie whispering to N. 
Sigh, I'm so lucky!