Our Mini Holiday to Blackpool!

Can you believe it's been a week since Blackpool already? It's gone so quick. Exactly like this trip did - but by heck did we have a lovely couple of days away!
I love having a break from home life. I'm a Stay at Home Mum, so getting out is rather exciting!

So this trip was spontaneous as it comes really. I said I really fancied going to the lights and showing the boys them; we used to go every Autumn half term for a few days when I was a young kid and have fond memories of seeing the illuminations! But we hadn't been for a good few years..
Everyone said they fancied going, and we checked out a date that everyone was free, which was like 5 days later.. we just went for it and booked 3 rooms in the Premier Inn not far away. (It was supposed to be a 1 day affair - but when does anything have to be simple?)

..Yup, Darry gets his own bed! - honestly how cute!? (It has nothing to do with the fact there were an extra bed put in the room)

We got to the Hotel at around 1.30pm (leaving home at 7am and stopping for breakfast in Lincoln at the Toby Carvery - yummy!!), checked in and organised our stuff - It can only be described as "stuff" as there's so much to bring! But it's mainly for Noah and Freddie.
After brushing up we went out for tea at fare & square; after we got in the queue to view the lights. I was in the car with my Parents, Sister and Noah. Freddie and Chris were with my Grandparents.

The lights were exactly how I remembered them - bright, sparkly and so so pretty. I loved looking down far ahead to see what the next set of lights were. Of course there's a few newer ones since we went, but most stayed the same. Noah, bless him was in a bit of a grump out and about. I think it was his teeth that was making him miserable and a massive interference to his routine put him out of sorts. Same went to Freddie; he fell asleep a 1/4 of the way into them. I remember my brother being exactly the same!

My favourite lights had to be the Doctor Who ones! I love Doctor Who and it was lovely to see a different display for them this time - awesome roundabout right?

Oh and apologies for the many photo's. I took over 500, so I think I did well to narrow it down! *haha*

After a late-ish night out we went back to the Hotel (honestly took forever to settle the boys - they were so hyper and tired.. Parents worst nightmare yes?) and had an amazing sleep. I swear it was the best night I've ever had in a Hotel. Normally I keep waking up and feeling uncomfortable, but nope, no such thing happened. I honestly wanted to take that mattress home!
The next day we woke up to an exceptional breakfast buffet. Who doesn't love a breakfast buffet? Mmm, was delicious and lasted us all, all day! (Totally had nothing to do with the fact we ate looooads.)
We spent the day in Blackpool and we went to the Blackpool Tower to see the Circus - It was amazing. There's no words to describe the atmosphere in a place like that. There were so many acts that were entertaining, and so many that were terrifying - not in a scared way but a 'OMG!' way. I know these people train a lot for these acts, but Jeez, I was on edge and did a lot of squeaks and eye covering! We weren't allowed to take photo's during the show - for obvious reasons.. but it was fantastic, and totally worth the £12.95 each to get in! I urge you to go if you're able (and book online prior!).

After the show we had some time to wander around Blackpool and went to the Sealife centre. We knew this would be a great place to get out of the really cold wind of the sea front. Also that the boys would love to look at the fish and other creatures (they did, and both had sections where they fell asleep! Finally drifting at 11pm and waking at 6.30am got them running so tired!). I love looking around places like this as there's so much to look at and the animals are fascinating!

I love the detail in this photo, but it seriously creeps me out! (I have such a massive phobia of Crabs and Lobsters - I have to say I didn't overcome it.. Blerghtsdhaxa!!)
The largest Crab in the world.. I nearly screamed when I saw it - Horrible! But I learnt that it wouldn't be able attack me anyway 'cos it's defenceless (I mean them pinchers are a little rubbish!) - it relies on it's size to not get attacked!
What 'cho looking at?
Honestly how beautiful are Jellyfish? I spent ages just gazing at them. They're so pretty!

Leaving Blackpool felt sad, we didn't do all that we had planned - makes for another trip! But we had a lovely time and it was so great to get away from the house for a night with the boys and family.
Blackpool you left us with some amazing memories. I hope to see you soon!