Noah's First Tooth

I shared over on Instagram the moment I found N's first tooth!
It was a sore moment (besides the fact that he chomped down on my finger very hard), because it's another Milestone achieved in my little N's life. He has his first tooth.

At 28 weeks, 2 days. I found the evidence of a sharp tooth poking out of his gums. The bottom row, in the middle - hence why it hurt a lot when he bit down. Ouch.
Like all of us Parents, I tried my best to "record the moment" - I took a snap over on Instagram of him at the time; that was over a week ago now.

The last couple of weeks he's been chewing on his hands non stop; a definite sign they're growing in properly now! We get covered in drool and his hands are soaked from the constant fist in mouth action. Bless him, he's not been all that bad with it. He's had grumpy days and screaming moments, but can't blame him! I wouldn't be best pleased if I had teeth growing in!

I tried to take photo's of his tooth and as you can see it turned into a photoshoot of "please laugh, or open your mouth wide enough, or anything that means I can get a good shot". It did kind of happen.. But I had to take over and just open his mouth *haha*
He didn't care. He enjoyed the fuss of Mummy and Freddie (you can tell he loved it so much by the look on his face in some of them! WE'RE HILARIOUS!*)

So here we have it, N's first tooth has cut in. We've opened a whole new world to weaning..

*extreme sarcasm