My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is always a funny time of year for me. I love how much effort people put into the festivities and I love the spirits and smiles of everyone around. But I've always been an odd one, some years I can't wait for it to arrive and others, I fail to find myself getting into the mood on time - it completely baffles me!
This year however I'm beyond excited and I can't wait for it to arrive!

I'm off Christmas shopping today and I can't wait to get hunting for everyone's presents. I'm especially excited to buy for the boys. As you may remember, as soon as the Summer had finished we started saving for our first Christmas as a 4. So I'm really looking forward to making it a really special event for them both. I realllllly can't wait to start wrapping up them presents (one of my favourite things to do!!). I think also this year Freddie has got us on the hype as he's been talking about writing a letter to Santa and about the list of things he wants on the day, for well.. a couple of months now!

So I have many things I wish I could buy the boys (yes, patterned leggings and gorgeous animal jumpers I'm looking at you!), but when it comes to me, I feel awkward in saying what I would want. simply because all of our spare money go on the boys - unless Chris or I desperately need something - so when I saw a few people posting their Christmas Wishlist, it made me fancy doing one of my own.
Now I'm one of them people that constantly want something *eek* but I rarely get them, but they're more lusting items than needed!

I have to say I really enjoyed making the little collage for my wishlist, because really it shows the sort of person I am. I'm a home person through and through. It also shows how much of an Adult I've become.. who puts a sofa on their Wishlist? Oh, me! haha, but then I am also the person who asked for a kettle and microwave for my 21st *hides*
Ok, so I spend a lot of time at home playing mum, so I want my surroundings to look good ;)

So what am I wishing Santa will bring me this year..?

Ashley Thomas "At Home" Range - Oh, I literally adore everything front this range. I brought a little tea set from this designer in the Summer and have lusted after buying everything else on the website, ever since! I'm a little in love with this designer as I follow her blog and I love her patterns so much! Seriously, how talented is she?!

John Lewis Amelie Dining Range - John Lewis isn't only just good at making unbelievably emotional Christmas Adverts, but also such beautiful furniture - just like this dining table. I love the shape and colour. I've been looking at getting a new dining table for a while now as ours is getting a little scruffy, but it was a gift when we moved into our first house and it is also the platform where I lay my laptop down to blog (so it's done us very well).. But, I'd really love a decent and special dining table for my little family to grow up with and enjoy lots of time around (it has 6 seats so we definitely have room to grow!).

DFS Vine 3 Seater Sofa - Smudge in Slate - I've always been very lucky with our sofas, they've been gifted to us (twice now with two sofa suites!) by close friends of our family. They've lasted us very well and we're grateful for their generosity! but however, they're not the suites we'd choose to have if we were to head into a shop and buy one.. On the other hand sofa's are really expensive to buy, so a lot of saving would have to go into getting this - but don't you think it'd go so lovely with the Dining Range..? ;)

The Vampire Diaries Boxset - I love nothing more than a really decent boxset. I've become rather obsessed with The Vampire Diaries the last few months (damn you Netflix!) and I just can't stop watching it.. But, one thing that annoys me is when you can't watch the recent series because they're not uploaded to Netflix (damn you Netflix x2!), so you're missing out on the current series, because of it. So really, I'd love this boxset because I need want to watch season 5 :) (Oh, and I'd watch it over and over and over again.. *one word* Damon.)

Breville VBLO96 Blend Active Family Set - I totally need to update you guys on my weight-loss journey and I shall very soon! I really want a decent smoothie maker, because I miss my old one (it's broken) and I miss smoothies. I love the idea of this one as it comes with sports bottles and it looks so easy to use - very handy with a mum on the move..

FT4 Polar Fitness Watch - Again with my weight-loss journey, I would use this item a lot, do you hear me Santa?
Having a weight-loss Instagram, I see a lot of people using these to track calories burnt during workouts. It's amazing and I keep wondering why I don't have one (I know exactly why I don't have one!). Also, I never really know what I'm burning during my workouts so that'd make it really handy to know especially working on a daily calorie intake diet (most of the time)!

So this is what's on my list this year. Who know's I may be lucky and get a couple of the things I'm lusting after! I think I've been a very good girl this year and that I do in fact deserve them! ;D
What's on your list?