Angel by Day, Nightmare by Night

I've had a very tiring few evenings in my house this week.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that I have had a hell of a week in trying to get Noah to settle at bedtime. He's been such a nightmare for getting to sleep each night and it's leading me to wonder what is wrong.. (tonight he went down a treat! *touch wood*).
I believe he may be teething but it doesn't make it much easier.

You think because you already have a child, you'd be prepared for these moments; you're not. It's a clique - we know you've heard it - but no child is the same. Everything is different and you have to adapt with them. It really is like being a new mum again and it's scary.
We've had many nights where he just shouts as soon as you lay him down and turn the light off (we leave the landing one on until me and Chris go to bed) which is so frustrating as in the day he goes down so well. So I'm wondering why so much hassle at night?
Other times he shouts and as soon as you pick him up he smiles that smug look they do when they're like "Yup, exactly what I wanted!" and eventually after a few minutes (15!!) he gives in and just goes to sleep. Tut.

The night before last he was tired and I put him in bed; he fell asleep rather quickly and I was glad because once the boys are sleeping it's me time! The boys had been hard work that day and I really wanted to get a few posts done and try and catch up because I always feel like I'm so behind on all the things I want to include - it's a full time job in itself!
20 minutes of editing a post, Noah woke up SCREAMING. He was sobbing and screaming his poor heart out and I instantly ran up to get him (Freddie was snoring oblivious to the piercing sounds coming from N's mouth!). As soon as I picked him up he calmed down and smiled - phew avoided waking #1! Trying to settle him again was. Not. Going. To. Happen.
I hate this. I hate nights where what you *want* to happen, don't.

However I always feel guilty for feeling this way because parenting is 100% of the time, I'm constantly on call, this job is never over. I don't get a day off from the worrying or the looking after.
I brought him down so that he could sit with me for a while; and hoping he'll pop off to bed soon. He was okay for a little while but he suddenly burst into tears again out of the blue. I wondered if I had done something, but you were just sitting on my knee? Everything I did seemed to be wrong. Trying to cradle him made him scream louder. Walking around the living room worked for a few minutes, but it wasn't a long lasting effect. Rocking in the pram didn't work at all as he screamed as soon as I sat him down. I tried singing and humming; again worked for a couple of minutes until the song was over..
It really was like he was traumatized. I wondered if he had a bad dream.
After over an hour of trying all combinations, I decided to just give him a bottle and that helped no end. He instantly calmed after finishing it and started to drop off, so were you hungry all this time?! Or have you just dropped off due to the exhaustion of screaming for nearly 2 hours?
Of course then as he was about to drop off, Chris walks in, takes him to bed and he's fine.
Until 2am, and again at 3am..
We were both exhausted. It really takes it out of you having to work around the screams. I hate not being able to comfort my babies and not being able to make their world perfect in them moments. But on the other hand I knew it wasn't Noah to be like this. He's chilled out and giggly. It had to be something else.

Chris confirmed it was teething as his gums are red sore and bumpy.
I don't think this teething journey is going to be a good one..

As the title mentions, he's a complete Angel in the day. You'd never know he was up half the night with these would you..?