What time is it? It's tummy time!

Noah is now beyond 6 months. I keep having to think over and over "where have the last 6 months gone?". It genuinely feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago when he was born through a horrible labour and was placed in my arms.

Now he's growing, and quite frankly it doesn't seem like it's going to stop!

He's got to the age where he wants to start doing things now - wants to go places. He often rocks back and forth on your leg as if he's riding a horse, but he really loves doing everything himself (has a little stubborn streak in him!).
Tummy time is becoming his favourite; as he can spray out and thump the floor hard with his feet (poor toes!) whilst shouting out. He still isn't all that great for rolling back onto his back, but it'll come in time as will crawling. He's actually trying to crawl, his knees keep trying to rise up and his arms do 'i'm swimming!' actions.

I am in love with his chubby arms and legs. His face is a little bit perfect too.