Update: Toilet Drama

On my latest Photo of the Week I gushed about how proud I was of Freddie, regarding the latest on his Toilet Training journey (sorry to make him sound like a puppy!).
This last week he's done so well and has achieved some amazing goals - that even himself beams from ear to ear about. 
Over the last couple of weeks, I have seem him grow up in so many ways. And, I just knew it was time to read him this..

Freddie has been taking himself to the toilet these last couple of days (yes, really!). He announced very boldly that he didn't want my help and that he can do it all by himself, I anxiously allowed him and waited patiently at the bottom of the stairs, shouting 'are you okay?' 'do you need any help?' 'call me if you do, okay?' - He didn't. He came out with his trousers and pants around his ankles with a massive smile on his face going 'I did a big wee!!'

Where has my baby gone?

He grew up in that moment, more than I feel I've seen in his lifetime. He's hit the independence wall of 'I can do it myself!'. I was so proud, and gave him such a massive fuss!
I think that genuinely was half the issue with kicking up a tantrum everytime he needed to go to the loo, he wanted to do it all himself. I know Freddie is very quick to learn things. You only need to show him something once and he's like 'so you do it like this' and I guess, now we've learnt that (shall I say I've learnt) we'll have a more successful outcome. 
Everytime I say 'you need to go to the loo' or 'it's time you went for a wee', he just pops off announcing he's doing it all by himself. It's so adorable!

I brought him a book the other day called 'Even Pirates Poo' which is a delightfully funny little book about going to the toilet for #2. Little Davy the pirate hides things under the seat of his potty (I exchanged 'potty' for 'toilet') and they all kept saying 'we're the same, you and me' - he especially liked that Mummy poo's and wee's on the toilet too!
He was engrossed in this book and as it had fun flaps to lift up, we made a bit of a deal about reading it. The next day he kept wanting me to read it to him over and over, so I did.. then the next day he started talking about what was in the book and what he needed to do. I thought YES!!
We have yet to see him go and do one yet.. but there's time, I'm letting it sink in at the moment.

The other lovely part to this book, is that you get a Potty Reward Chart!
Freddie loves this idea and is so excited that once he's been to the toilet he gets a sticker on his chart - it's a big thing, yano? 
We go to the Chart, pick a sticker and stick it on the right day, with a kiss and cuddle to finish! 
I love that proud 'I did it' face he pulls.
I've stuck it down at his height so that he can fully emerge in it (he shows everyone who walks into the house and has been taking Chris to it when he gets back from work - every day!). He counts how many wee's (stickers) he's done in that day.

I just think we've got the timing right. I think he's got to the right age and wants to just do it now, he knows enough of what he should be doing to start slowly applying it. By no means, we've had accidents.. but very far between.
Proud of you my big baby!