Photo of the Week

This picture explains everything to do with this week.
Cheeky, dis-organised, cuddles and to be honest a little gormless.
Not saying that any of my boys are gormless though ;)

It's been a week of Nursery runs, Hospital appointments, Family time, Power Rangers and bad moods.
As the weather changing, I think it's bringing out the miserable side of our family - or should I say me! I've been feeling in the dumps this week after feeling a bit stressed on more than one occasion.

I think it's been one of them weeks where I've had very little sleep as Noah has been unsettled, and I've come to realise that I can't sleep unless Chris is in the house - it's so frustrating as he doesn't get back until very late when he's working (thank god he's now on holiday for 9 days). Lack of sleep isn't good for me! But think these last couple of days I've caught up, so hoping for a better week this next one :)