Swapping Bedrooms and Organising Storage Spaces

 As a family we live in a modern yet rather small-ish semi-detached house. When we were pregnant with Noah we noticed how pushed for space we really were – even more so when all his paraphernalia started filling up all Freddie’s play area in the lounge! But he was born and we dealt with the space we had, but I have to admit I was very relieved when he outgrew the moses basket as I was able to move it out and make room for a pram that now stands in its spot.

I am easily annoyed with “clutter”. I hate feeling squashed and like the place is a mess even though it’s tidy; it makes me feel stressed but, what can you do with limited room?
I’m forever swapping things around in our house, primarily furniture so that I can make more room for the boys, and so that the hoovering isn’t completely impossible.

Me and Chris have been talking about moving Freddie and Noah in a room together for the last few weeks as Noah is  sleeping through the night and we’re always worried about waking/disturbing him in his sleep. Every night we did the awkward hushed conversation getting ready for bed and being very aware of the floorboard creaks as we tiptoed around.
So we went and made the decision to move the boys in together.

Looking at fitting Noah’s cot into Freddie’s room, we just knew it wasn’t going to happen. What with two big wardrobes, toys, a bed and chest of drawers – it was already squashed enough as it was! And then contemplating putting a cot in there too?! No way was that going to work.
Maybe if we were to chuck most of the toys away? Don’t think he’d be too happy with that decision. Maybe get rid of the chest of drawers?  But then where would his socks, pants, books and everything go? Maybe if we moved the wardrobes there and put the cot there? Erm, nope, I don’t think that would work either. It’s not going to happen. It’s a room not a cupboard, and there’s only so much we can work with.

So then it came to us to swap rooms! But it’ll be such a nuisance to move everything around, especially with a small landing! So what are we supposed to do? We’ve just got to get on with it.
After making that decision I went “Ok, lets do it right now!” Chris was surprisingly alright with it (he’s one to usually moan at my abrupt reasons for wanting to move everything around, but not on this day! Hooray!). Instantly we set to work with moving things out from Freddie’s room, we piled it high the bathroom and the corner of our landing.
Something I really love about Chris is the way he thinks, he comes out with a plan that makes the whole deal easier “Move that before we do this, because that will slide in easily, making room for that” – Genius!

We all chipped in and helped; Even Freddie moved all his teddies and said where he wanted everything to go. Stubbing our toes, bashing our heads and scraping the walls at every turn – in the end we got the job done! The transition was actually really easy and we got it done in a matter of hours.
I’m one of them people that once they get started on something they have to finish it, I can’t have a job half done. I carried on working with the rooms long after the boys left to make tea. I love the interior factor of changing a room. I love a space that’s clean and tidy. I love organising the little details and moving them so that they look aesthetically pleasing.

I created a book corner, a kitchen corner with Freddie’s oven, hob, plastic food and cooking equipment, a little area for Freddie’s keyboard and microphone, toy box and have got Freddie’s old activity bouncer out for Noah. Now, the space looks well thought-out and I'm so much happier with it. The boys have more room to manoeuvre and play with their toys (it’s also seem to be a reason to get out all the toys on the floor).
We’re also blessed with having built in wardrobes in the bigger bedroom. It’s been a really amazing storage space for the room as we can put the boxes of nappies, shoes, suitcases and bags nicely at the bottom. We’ve also got some plastic storage boxes to put extra toys in from The Range which have helped no end.

I am planning on making a theme for the boys’ room so I’m looking to expand on my storage ideas. I know as Noah gets older he will also add to the already large selection of toys. Organisation will be essential and our need for storage will grow.

Now as we’ve moved into the smaller bedroom (big enough to fit the bed, wardrobes and a small chest of draws – allowing a small path route around the bed.) storage has become a larger issue as we have to accommodate everything we had in the bigger bedroom. Ikea have some really great storage ideas for smaller rooms at affordable prices, so a route we’ve been looking at. We’re hoping to buy some under bed storage in the near future from Argos to give our seasonal wear a place to live, therefore making life more efficient. It’ll save me time in the long run because when you’re looking for a vest top in the summer, it seems like all there is, is winter jumpers hanging in the way!
A close friend of mine suggested looking at Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd as it’s a space I could store my seasonal wear. They allow you to hang your garments and have small shelving spaces for smaller items that you wish to tuck away until a time you need them. I think it’s a really great idea and would definitely be something I’d do if I had the funds. There are also other Warehouses that can provide similar services for example Big Yellow Self Storage.

It’s been a very beneficial change for the whole family as the boys have settled in really well together. They’re both going to bed at the same time in the evening and they sleep through! I think it’s mainly due to them both feeling content that they have another person in the room. Also they’re both nosey that they don’t want to miss anything, so I guess they don’t see that they’re missing anything so much these days!
I’m also really happy with the way the bedroom looks and is organised. Freddie’s over the moon about his bookshelf and loves choosing a story out every night, and I’m happy that it’s cluttered free. And as we all know, a happy Mum makes for a happy home!