Photo of the Week

This week has been a week of reflecting and realising how far we've all come!
As the weeks are flying by, I'm starting to notice how happy and content we are as a family. I don't say that, meaning we only are happy now, but it's the little things. And this week has been full of "the little things".

This week we've spontaneously planned a trip to Blackpool for Tuesday/Wednesday - we're all stupidly excited and can't wait! After our trip to Drayton Manor, we knew that we'd have to go to do more trips together as a family. We're going with my parents, sister and grandparents, like we did when we were at Drayton. Definitely shall post some more on that when we're back!
The boys and I have had a "sleepover" at my mums this week too as Chris was on a night shift. I don't really like being home alone overnight so we made it a fun event. 

My pills for my HS are really kicking in this week and making me feel really sore. My face constantly looks bright red and shiny. My spots are reducing, so some goodness, I guess, but just makes me feel blergh because I look it. I hope in time it'll be worth all the agro!

This photo makes me smile. My little Noey fast asleep in Nanny's travel cot. He was snoring so loud and looked so comfortable snuggled up in soft blankets. He's getting long and bulking out more - but he's still a tiny baby, the little cutie.