Photo of the Week

Hi Guys! I'm sorry I've been a little quiet this week.
I'm not sure what we've been doing, but it's been non stop. I'm 100% focussed on my losing weight goals this week and have set up a "food and fitness diary" Instagram @_missionlosingweight - do feel free to follow if you like!
 I've been hunting for healthy recipes a lot this week and have found a few lovely ones.
 Talking about hunting, I've been trawling the Internet looking at Christmas presents for the boys.. Also I've been collaborating ideas for the boys bedroom! We've said that we'll move them in together after Christmas as Noah sleeps through every night, but more on that in a future blog post! :)

I got sent this from Chris when I was out of the house and it just made me chuckle to myself. He's suddenly reaching loads of milestones (I've a post about them soon!) and he's just such a happy chappy.
 I can never get over how much he looks like me as a baby!