Out for a Walk in the Woods

Sunday was such a lovely sunny day. The air was fresh. It was full on Autumn and I just had the urge to get out of the house and do something together. I suggested going for a walk. I searched for a local walk and after little preparation (Chris packed us a packed lunch) we were ready to potter off to the nearest woodland.

It was such a pleasant walk. There weren't many other people about, a few dog walkers and the odd couple rambling through - always stopping to chat to Freddie who was very confidently strolling along the path at the front.
There were crunchy leaves everywhere and most places we walked through they were ankle deep! I got a lot of fun out of them, whilst Chris branded me "such a child" - I love it, such an Autumn thing to do!
Freddie was in his element walking through the woods. At many points he was swirling around, jumping up and down in the leaves, running up the hills and playing along an adventure.
Myself and Chris kept smiling at each other simply because we knew he was playing "Power Rangers". It was clear to see he's an outside kid, he loves being out of the house and doing something. (He also was completely shattered and was more than happy to potter off to bed as soon as it struck 7pm!)

Along the way we found a fallen down tree that resembled a bench. We sat here and ate our lunch as our little Noah had fallen asleep whilst we're all walking up a steep hill - the irony of it!
I really love days out like this because it just makes everyone feel happy and as it was a walk we've done before, we were all taking in the scenery around us. We even found where the old train line would've been (Chris was a little excited by this).

In typical Autumn style there were patches where it got a little on the chilly side and the wind got up high. but to be honest, that's half the fun, resisting and going with the wind!
I also had the perfect opportunity to put Noah's little winter hat on, that was actually gifted to Freddie but we lost it and found it again, but now is far too small for him. Didn't Noah just look completely adorable in it?!

We loved this walk and we're definitely planning another trip soon - hopefully with my big camera this time (I forgot to put my SD card in it, so when I wanted to get snapping, I couldn't - was so annoyed with myself!). See if we can go before it turns for the worst as it's good healthy fun with all the family. It means we can all talk without the distractions!